Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck
A lot!
Messeaging Others
When engaging in a conversation with others, use "reply" or address your message directly to the intended user via @username or direct message. (do not include a $TICKER - see below in ‘activities to avoid’)
Posting @replies and mentions
Type your comment as you normally would, but replace any names you include with that person's @username. For example: Hello @Michael
Posting Youtube Videos
Just enter url of a video and click Comment. Example:Checkout this really cool video:
Using Hashtags
People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their comments to categorize those comments and help them show more easily in Search. Best practices recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per comment. Example: Don't spam with #hashtags
Who Keeps the Conent on Track?
We actively moderate the community, curate content and we have a flag option which allows our community to assist in moderation and security